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Mayan sacrficial pole Ed Mosher/bonecarver combo

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Added Date: Feb 29, 2012 @ 9:39pm
Gallery: Stones - N - Bones
Price: $2,700.00 Status: Available
Dimensions: 17-1/4 inches
Offered here is a very unussual but a grim reminder of the Mayan sacrfice to the gods-humans. As time decays the first to die and his fellows are resting upon his head , sad but true. This knife depicts the "Sacrificial pole" and was inspired by Ed mosher a well known knapper and his Mayam eccentric flintknapping skill s and primitive methods , This one is exceptional and was made from beautiful bi-color novaculite. It took a while to find the right elk spike antler with the non typical tines at the crown for the preditor carvings, a crow ,a smaller bird and a weasel perched up top watching for preditors himself, the top of the pole is made from purple heart mahogany and horse tail.
The knife a little over 17"

The price includes a complimenting stand not yet made but included.
Signed bonecarver and numbered 12-092

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