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Carvings by Chaffee

Bob has lived in southwestern New York all of his life. He started carving a little as a hobby in the mid 1980's. Around 1995, he started attending some 1 to 3 day classes taught by well known woodcarvers.

In 1998 he entered pieces in a competitive woodcarvings show and did well. In 2000, he started entering more shows and for the past few years has averaged 6 to 8 shows per year. These have been in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. In addition to be selling shows, most are also competitive. A typical show may have 60 woodcarvers and hundreds of carvings in competition. In the past seven years, Bob has won over 100 "Blue" (1st Place) and over 100 "Red" (2nd Place) ribbons along with many "Best of Class" pieces.

Bob likes variety and therefore carves in many styles. His two favorite types of carving are "Decorative Wall Plates" and "Native American Figures & Busts". However, he is always mixing it up with "Santas", "Love Spoons", "Caricatures", "Wood Spirits", "Animals", "Walking Sticks" and anything else that may come to mind. In addition to maintaining a sizable gallery of finished carvings for sale, he does commission pieces with a subject of the client's choice.
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Basswood Bear
Price: $125  |  Date: Mar 08,2012
Status: Sold
Bass wood eagle
Price: $160  |  Date: Feb 29,2012
Status: Available
Cowboy Santa painted basswood
Price: $0  |  Date: Feb 29,2012
Status: Sold
Flower plate
Price: $45  |  Date: Feb 29,2012
Status: Pending Sale
American Indian with robe
Price: $225  |  Date: Feb 29,2012
Status: Available