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Redwood Dragon Head Cane
This is hand carved out of Redwood with green glass eyes.
Moose antler table and chairs and light (part 1)
Offered here is a complete 6 chair and dinner table made ...
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I am a wildlife carver.
The materials I use are deer and moose antler, mammoth tusk, wood.
All my compositions are original.
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A Sudden Encounteer
Price: $3000  |  Date: Apr 27,2014
Status: Available
Two Wolves' Fight
Price: $3150  |  Date: Apr 27,2014
Status: Available
The Three Howling Wolves
Price: $2500  |  Date: Apr 27,2014
Status: Pending Sale
Run, Storm, Dash. Borzois and Fox hunting scene
Price: $4000  |  Date: Apr 27,2014
Status: Available