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Fantasy Art Cameos

Adrián González-Guillén was born in Havana city, Cuba, on May 15th of 1972, but since late 2008 he lives in Quito city, Ecuador and he recently moves to USA. He´s formerly a recognized terrestrial malacologist, scientific divulgation writer and Nature photographer specialized on Macro-photography, but also is a miniature carver dedicated mainly to create seashells cameos. As a self taught he start to carve on different materials like Caribbean islands hard precious woods, bones or antlers, on late nineties but change in 2008, after almost a decade of soft stones carving, getting involve with a deep love in the universe of seashells cameos until now. His knowledge on shells as malacologist was very helpful indeed but also he dedicated long time to study the history of seashells carving around the planet. Is one of the
very few shell cameo advanced carvers in the Americas and a strong defender of the mixing techniques of traditional and modern carving skill techniques. His world as a carver is focus on Fantasy subjects as wizards, dragons, elves, fairies, etc., besides he loves to carve Floral and Wildlife subjects.
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