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Moose antler table and chairs and light (part 1)
Offered here is a complete 6 chair and dinner table made ...
Redwood Dragon Head Cane
This is hand carved out of Redwood with green glass eyes.
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Pollywogg Holler Eco-Resort

Starting back in 1976, along with my wife and three children we built a log cabin in the woods using hand tools. After the finishing of the cabin, I started producing furniture for it. That love has grown.
The log cabin is now the main lodge of our Eco Resort. My son manages it while I continue to build furniture. I build hand crafted Adirondack Furniture, mostly single slab, live edge, tables. I built a band saw that will slice a tree five foot in diameter. For lack of power tools (belt sander) I stated sculpturing the top surface of the tables. I also enjoy hand carving signs. My work now includes Rustic Adirondack Style, Single Slab Tables and Bars, Chairs, Benches and Stools, Coffee Tables, End Tables
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Price: $3600  |  Date: Apr 29,2012
Status: Available
lg Silver streak obsidian knife made by Curtis Larson
Price: $600  |  Date: Apr 28,2012
Status: Available
Live edge Black walnut slab, 2" thick 7' long 8 to 20" wide
Price: $1200  |  Date: Mar 16,2012
Status: Available
Single slab Tulip Poplar table w / 8 chairs 10 feet
Price: $12000  |  Date: Mar 15,2012
Status: Available
Native White Pine table w / 6 chairs
Price: $12000  |  Date: Mar 15,2012
Status: Available
Raw Wood Slabs ready for delivery
Price: $1200  |  Date: Mar 08,2012
Status: Available
Native White Pine table w / 8 chairs
Price: $11000  |  Date: Mar 08,2012
Status: Available
Hand - Carved custom signage
Price: $50  |  Date: Mar 08,2012
Status: Available