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Grave offering carved antler stone knife

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Added Date: Feb 25, 2012 @ 11:32pm
Gallery: Stones - N - Bones
Price: $550.00 Status: Sold
Dimensions: 12\\\
Offered here is very Beautiful carved antler stone knife where I carved a excavaton site of a paleo skeleton buried in the fetal position, grave offerings of clovis blades were scattered around the body all carved with incredible detail including the smallest little spear heads you can even see the fluting!! the end of the antler was capped off with cherry and American black walnut, The knife is mounted on a solid walnut base with antlers to support the knife in the right position to display the carving and the flake scars of the blade, as for the blade it was maticulously lapidary made by Kenny Hull from tri flow mahogany obsidian where windows of smoky obsidian around the mahogany. the blade has Kenny's initals incribed in the blade.

SIGNED bonecarver and numbered
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