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Spirit of the WIND moose antler carving carvings antlers EAGLE Indian warrior

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Added Date: Feb 27, 2012 @ 10:05pm
Gallery: Stones - N - Bones
Price: $2,100.00 Status: Available
Dimensions: 18"
Here is a very Spiritual carving for me , When I hike here in western NY I always carry a camera with me, one day I was taking pictures of the cloud formation and when I was looking at the photo I seen a indian warrior looking at the horizon himself..( you can see it on my youtube video under "bonecarverjack" .This carving is from that day that I seen

"Spirit of the Wind"

Waiting for the right moose antler to cross my hands ...I carved a 3-d Screaming Eagle on the crown end of the antler with his wing spread open and that Indian warrior spirit carved within the Winds, I also carved a few floating eagle feathers on the tines, The antler was first carved and I layed stains to bring out the depth and detail. This carving was planned to be offered before Christmas but wasnt completed until yesterday the Jan 1st.(yes I worked all day:)

I did not drill any holes and had a large piece of natural soapstone that it will rest on but if the new owner would like a solid walnut base , I will make one for free.

I hope you all like this carving and a great way to start the new year right by offering some really nice carvings.

signed and numbered 12-001
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