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Bill Castle

Bill Castle carries on the Adirondack tradition of handcrafting tables, chairs, stools, and doors by harvesting native woods as those of the Greater Adirondack area. The Adirondack style, Bill says, reunites people with nature.
Bill's Style;

Bill Castle is heavily influenced by the simple but beautiful work of George Nakashima - Japan's world-famous furniture maker. Castle is best known for his radical, hand-chiseled approach to table surface treatments - inspired as a way to avoid the use of power tools.

Crooked or wind-blown trees provide an alternative to commercial lumber production and tropical rainforest devastation. For a builder, this allows the privilege of selection and the chance to seek out unusual tree, twig, and bark formations.

Surfaces are sealed with a coating of shellac (a natural preservative produced from the secretions of the South East Asian beetle) and a hand-rubbed tung oil finish. Sometimes, the natural red cedar, yellow birch, white pine, and ironwood is stained with coffee, wine, or black walnut hulls.

Pollywogg Hollër is the birth of a dream that started back in 1976 when Barb and Bill Castle entered this enchanted forest with their three young children, a bunch of hand tools, and a vision to establish a home site and life style that would be in harmony with nature - a reprieve from our hectic modern life.

After opening our doors as an Eco-Resort in 86', we owe our continual growth and thanks to the constant flow of adventurous guests that discover our path each day. We continue to grow in love as a family business and invite all that are interested to come and share this love at Pollywogg Hollër.

Happy trails!
- Barb & Bill Castle and Family