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'Carving their Dreams'

We are a group of Carvers, whose passion is carving.
Please visit each carver's gallery by clicking on the image. If you are an advanced, professional or master carver and would like to start a retail gallery

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Moose antler table and chairs and light (part 1)
Offered here is a complete 6 chair and dinner table made ...
Redwood Dragon Head Cane
This is hand carved out of Redwood with green glass eyes.
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Retail Galleries (Bone/Antler/Ivory Carvers)

C&C Emporium
Updated On: Jan 21, 2015
Total items: 2
Legal Walrus Ivory with all document s
Bill and Anna Steckman
Updated On: Nov 06, 2012
Total items: 27
Bill Steckman ,Salamanca NY nativetraveled around America and collectedcarvings...
Jim Hughes
Updated On: Apr 30, 2014
Total items: 5
Wide range of carvings, small to large.I make lots of wearable art likenecklace...
Dmitry Gorodetsky
Updated On: Apr 27, 2014
Total items: 4
I am a wildlife carver. The materials Iuse are deer and moose antler, mammotht...
Jack Brown - Bonecarver
Updated On: Mar 30, 2014
Total items: 38
As founder of carverscorner I had thissite buit to unite all carvers to have ac...
Dana Pace
Updated On: ---
Total items: 0
I mainly carve morel mushrooms out ofantler. I have used caribou, moose, elkand...
Kenny Hull
Updated On: ---
Total items: 0
This is my work as an intermediatecarver...Primarily I flintknapp but havealway...
Banucu Ioan
Updated On: ---
Total items: 0
Damien O Halloran
Updated On: ---
Total items: 0
I am from Ireland, living in the USA. Istarted carving in 2009 and have beenpro...
Bruce Hudson
Updated On: ---
Total items: 0
Bruce Hudson is a self taught Carver andFlint Knapper living inLouisville,Kentu...
Doc Parker
Updated On: ---
Total items: 0
I was born to carve it seems. I startedat age 4 with a screw driver and ahammer...
Jaromir Penkava
Updated On: ---
Total items: 0
paul perry
Updated On: ---
Total items: 0