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We are a group of Carvers, whose passion is carving.
Please visit each carver's gallery by clicking on the image. If you are an advanced, professional or master carver and would like to start a retail gallery

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How It Works is a FREE on-line directory for carvers to give a biography and contact information Premium membership allows you to have your own store with shopping cart feature for $25 a month...special prices and terms below.

A retail gallery provides you with your own online storefront to display your carving or art work. You\'re in control of your gallery. You can upload new items at any time, update items as sale pending or sold, and replace sold items. Your gallery has a built in shopping cart that works behind the scenes to provide you with customer orders and details. connects you with customers. We are at the top of the search engines and have an established and trusted reputation.

How to join

Each Carver makes and owns the items in their gallery. does not stock the items displayed in their gallery. All transactions are taken care of by the individual carver.

When you decide to purchase a item at simply add the item(s) to your cart and checkout. Checkout is easy, our short form gives the customer all the information they need to contact you and work out the details of the sale.

The item(s) will be marked as Sale Pending until payment clears with the carver/Store owner.

All the Carvers accept money orders and personal checks and many take PayPal

Fee: There are 2 types of mebership:    Basic and Premium

open a FREE basic membership account ...."contact information and biography only "

If you choose to use carverscorner as your retail store with shopping cart option you must me a premium member! is unlike any of our competitors. We do not charge a listing fee or a percent of your sales. Instead we are setup on a flat rate. A retail gallery is $25 a month or $250 a year... I also collect other artists work and would trade for membership fee\'s.

On your gallery you can list as many items as you like.  This is much cheaper than any other auction style site. Fees can be paid using PayPal, check, money order, You can pay anytime, even at one of the events we attend .

Getting started:
Create your gallery by clicking Sign Up. Fill in the short information form and your gallery will be reviewed by the webmaster. You\'ll be asked via email to send some pictures of your work. Your gallery will be pending until the webmaster OKs it. You will receive an email notifying you that your store is active. strives to showcase the best in carved art. We will not permit vendors to sell items unless they are their own creations or acknowledged as the work of a specific artist.
Retail gallery:
A retail gallery at provides you with your own website to sell your carvings or supplies 100 items maybe posted for sale; as items sell they can be removed and replaced with new items. You will also receive a email account. No ill-legal items are permitted on carverscorner and if found we will remove the item and susspend your account.

Photo requirements: all photo\'s must be .jpg format and under 2meg in size to up load properly

From your computer to the web:
Once your gallery is active, you\'ll have access to our admin panel. Here you can log-in using your unique username and password. You can upload pictures and a description (price, length, material, etc) for each item. Images should be in .jpg format and no larger than 800 X 600. and under 2meg We recommend that images be clear, close-up, and on a plain background. Once an item is listed it will be in your gallery until it sells or you replace it.

OUR GOAL: has its goal to be  the largest Internet site with the most carvers and carvings for sale on the web! I designed the site for carvers of all media and have worked hard to make it an easy and cheap way to get on the net. I hope you decide to join us.

Happy CARVING and Welcome to

Jack-carverscorner team