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Moose antler table and chairs and light (part 1)
Offered here is a complete 6 chair and dinner table made ...
Redwood Dragon Head Cane
This is hand carved out of Redwood with green glass eyes.
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An American Bone Carver

I’ve made many mistakes many times in my life journey, like all experience I learned how to be at peace in my mind with myself. Now that I’m 66 years old and love to carve, its peace of mind, I started carving 1969 with a friend never stopped. All my materials, wood and stones found in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties in the forests or at the beaches
I carve antler, horns, Mammoth Ivory, Catlinite (Pipe Stone) any kind of bone and what come out of all of this is jewelry pendants, earrings, antler & stone pipes, belt buckles also carve wooden canes w/antler or stone top, wooden wands from local woods, crochet hooks out of all types of wood. I love to carve.

Shipping: Items shipped in the US will be shipped via USPS Priority ($5.00). I am happy to combine items to lower shipping costs. International orders are shipped USPS Priority International Flat Rate ($11.00 - 15.00 USD) and arrive in 6-10 days to most parts of the world. Postal insurance is optional but recommended on orders over $100.

Payment: I accept Credit Card, Money Order, PayPal. Please let me know if you would like a payment invoice. Credit card orders will be processed over the phone.

Shipping notification will be generated and sent when I create a shipping label for the packaged item. Items will be shipped the same day as payment arrival or the following business day at the very latest.

For additional information, feel free to contact me via email or phone (707-841-6039).
Whale Vertebra from The Pacific Ocean
Price: $350  |  Date: Nov 21,2013
Status: Available
Turtle Necklace
Price: $75  |  Date: Nov 14,2013
Status: Available
Cane with Antler Tops
Price: $45  |  Date: Sep 30,2013
Status: Available Price Reduced
Hand Carved Handmade Redwood Walking Staff
Price: $100  |  Date: May 28,2014
Status: Available
Redwood Dragon Head Cane
Price: $75  |  Date: Oct 30,2013
Status: Available Price Reduced
Raven Head Wand
Price: $50  |  Date: Oct 29,2013
Status: Available
Swirl design Redwood Wand
Price: $45  |  Date: Oct 29,2013
Status: Available
Crochet Hooks
Price: $12  |  Date: Oct 01,2013
Status: Available
Custom Wands Hand Made
Price: $45  |  Date: Oct 01,2013
Status: Available
One of a Kind
Price: $18  |  Date: Oct 01,2013
Status: Available